Trevor Acorn.
Professional board-gamer in his spare time.
Associate, Project Manager   /   Kansas City Structural Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: Kansas City (aka Paris of the Plains) / University of Missouri and Kansas State University
Forte: Trevor’s niche in the AEC market over the past 10 years has been in iterating design solutions with architects to find geometries and systems that work aesthetically and structurally. From private residences to nationally acclaimed commercial buildings, Trevor’s passion is to design solutions that are efficient, beautiful, and constructible.
Proudest accomplishment to date: Structural design for the University of Iowa Art Building with Steven Holl Architects
Inspiration: Peter Rice, Ove Arup, Sydney Opera House, Louis Kahn, Pier Nervi, Jacques Derrida, Sufjan Stevens.
Trevor Acorn, P.E.   /   816.701.2107  /
Saeed Bonyadi.
Engineer inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, determined to create functional spaces for others.
Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager   /   Los Angeles Parking
Roots / Alma Mater: Tehran, Iran / University of Tehran Architectural School
In Six: Wish to live in the moment.
Forte: With 39 years of education and work experience in construction and architecture, Saeed is well-versed in all aspects of the project design process. “As an architect by degree, I feel that what I do makes a significant difference in the world. My job allows me to create functional spaces in which people can come together and achieve common goals.”
Role model(s): Louis Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright
Best advice: “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both usually right.” — Confucius
Saeed Bonyadi  /  310.254.1901  /
Alex Cox.
Man of steel (exposed). Master of façades.
Senior Associate, Enclosure Practice Leader   /   San Francisco Enclosure Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: San Francisco, California / University of California Berkeley, University of Rochester
In Six: Good design always makes me happy.
Forte: Leading our building enclosure practice in Northern California, Alex has a diverse 28-year career that combines architecture with structural and mechanical engineering. He specializes in project management and enclosure design for structural and thermal performance.
Medium of choice: Steel, particularly exposed.
Little-known Tidbit: Alex spent a few years after college living and working in Japan, including one summer erecting bamboo scaffolding on a construction site.
Extracurricular Alex: Trying to keep up with his daughters on the soccer field.
Alex Cox, P.E., S.E., LEED AP  /  415.963.6314  /
Gustav Fagerström.
Drone expert living in New York City.
Senior Associate, Digital Practice Leader   /   New York Enclosure Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: Sweden / London Metropolitan University, Lund University
In Six: Don’t ask permission; ask forgiveness.
Forte: Trained as an architect and with a specialty in digital design systems, Gustav is a globally recognized leader in the conceptualization and digital analysis of complex structures and façade systems. Specializing in design computation, he operates at the intersection of architecture, engineering, and computer science. As a registered architect in Sweden and the UK, Gustav has global experience in all stages of projects in over 10 different countries.
Extracurricular Gustav: Any outdoor activity
2nd Career Choice: Biotechnologist
Gustav Fagerström, ARB  /  917.460.0855  /
Inez Koe.
Los Angeles carnivore with a Texas-sized appetite.
Associate, Senior Engineer   /   Los Angeles Structural Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: Makassar, Indonesia / University of California Berkley
In Six: Nobody’s separating me from my meat.
Forte: Joins our Los Angeles office with over seven years of experience in structural design of projects in higher education, entertainment, commercial, and sports. Prior to Walter P Moore, Inez worked at an international firm with projects in the Middle East, the UK, and the U.S. Through her extensive work on stadium projects such as Baylor University McLane Stadium, Manchester City Etihad Stadium, and NFL Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Inez grew her passion for sports engineering.
Extracurricular Inez: Snowboarding and anything indoors, preferably something involving meat.
Little-known Tidbit: She eats a, A in Texas-chicken-fried-steak-and-all-the-sides a lot.
Inez Koe, S.E.  /  310.254.1939  /
Armen Megerdoomian.
Background in architecture. Foreground in parking.
Senior Associate, Senior Parking Consultant   /   Los Angeles Parking
Roots / Alma Mater: Los Angeles, CA / California Polytechnic University
In Six: Six words don’t do me justice.
Little-Known Tidbit (also in six): Degreed in architecture. Devoted to parking.
Forte: Parking consultant and designer with more than 20 years of experience, Armen leads the firm’s West Coast parking operations and assists in strengthening international relationships. He has worked on various parking projects for mixed-use, retail, commercial, education, entertainment, healthcare, aviation/transportation, casino, and hotel parking applications.
Stupid Human Trick: Can quote Young Frankenstein from start to finish. “Hello. You’ve caught something there. Crude, yes. Primitive, yes. Perhaps even grotesque. Yet something inexplicable tells me that this might be our man.
Extracurricular Armen: Soccer (himself), soccer (with his 12-year-old son), and more soccer (with his 14-year-old son).
Armen Megerdoomian  /  310.254.1944  /
Ellie Moore.
Altruist, engineer, children’s champion.
Associate, Project Manager   /   Los Angeles Structural Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: Tehran, Iran / Sharif University of Technology, University of Southern California
In Six: Be kind to one another, always.
Forte: Eight+ years of experience in the analysis and design of various types of projects from heavy industrial to small commercial buildings, with materials ranging from concrete, wood, masonry, and steel. She has also analyzed and designed structures under cyclic loading for fatigue (i.e. wind turbine foundations), performed seismic evaluations, and retrofits of existing buildings.
2nd career choice: A teacher
Extracurricular Ellie: ACE mentorship, KCIS (Keep Children in School), ICC (Institute for Children with Cancer). Ellie is a big believer that education can change lives like nothing else.
Ellie Moore, P.E.  /  310.254.1925  /
Eric Pagán.
Background in architecture. Foreground in parking.
Like Armen.

Associate, Senior Architect   /   Los Angeles Parking
Roots / Alma Mater: Burbank, California / Woodbury University
In Six: Always interested in learning more things.
Forte: Eric is a licensed architect with 10 years of experience in parking, rail transportation, housing, and education projects. He “strives for perfection when needed and relaxation when not, all the time having fun.”
Inspiration for becoming an architect: “Since I was young, I liked to draw intricate backgrounds and play complex strategy games. Architecture, to me, is a combination of both.”
Best advice received: There is no substitute for hard work and perseverance.
Eric Pagán, RA  /  310.254.1906  /
Kurt Rotering.
Crusader for happier commutes.
Associate, Senior Traffic Engineer   /   Kansas City Traffic Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: Hettinger, North Dakota and Overland Park, Kansas / Kansas State University
In Six: Jelly and cheese sandwich, try it.
Forte: Kurt has more than eight years of experience in traffic engineering including ITS planning, traffic impact studies, signal design, speed studies, and signing placement. He has worked on a variety of projects for DOTs and has extensive experience working with municipalities throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Little-known Tidbit: Kurt met his wife at a date auction, where she didn’t bid on him.
Proudest accomplishment to date: Designing the location where his wedding was eventually held.
Extracurricular Kurt: Basketball, home improvement projects, and tackling his never-ending honey-do list.
Kurt Rotering, P.E., PTOE  /  816.701.2104  /
Paulos Tekie.
Full-time structural engineer, part-time black belt
and yogi.

Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager   /   Los Angeles Structural Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Asmara, Eritrea / Addis Ababa University and Johns Hopkins University
In Six: Gracefully, this walk of life.
Forte: 14+ years in the biz, Paulos has worked on high-rise buildings, iconic underground structures, and hospitals. He challenges himself to always excel at what he does. “I find structural engineering a fascinating and rewarding profession — as one can see its direct, positive impact on human life. The more aesthetically pleasing the end product, the more gratifying the work.”
Little-known Tidbit: Has a 1st-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Best advice received: Take care of the cents, the dollars will take care of themselves.
Paulos Tekie, Ph.D., S.E.  /  310.254.1947  /
Erik Verboon.
Dances like Michael. Sings like Bon Jovi.
Principal, Managing Director New York   /   New York Enclosure Engineering
Roots / Alma Mater: Jersey City, New Jersey / University of Cincinnati, Stevens Institute of Technology
In Six: Too much and too little time.
Forte: Trained in both architecture and engineering, Erik brings a deep global experience with a focus on the design of complex and high-performance building envelopes for a wide range of building types. He has experience working with a wide variety of façade applications including high-performance double-skin façades, geometrically complex composite façades, and custom unitized enclosures for both new buildings and existing building retrofits and extensions.
Proudest accomplishment to date: Personally, marrying his high school sweetheart and having two wonderful boys together. Professionally, the near completion of the Columbia University Medical School.
Little-known tidbit: Holiday parties usually end up with Erik dancing like Michael Jackson. He can also sing a mean Wanted Dead or Alive.
Erik Verboon  /  917.460.0860  /