Digital Practice

Design Coordination Facilitation

Design Coordination Facilitation

Effectively coordinating the efforts of multiple design and construction partners working concurrently in separate models can be a full-time job and takes a unique skillset including both a deep understanding of how things get built and a mastery of digital tools and workflows.  The immense amount of information created in the digital environment, along with the constant stream of changes and new model uploads requires a strong understanding of where the project is and what’s important to organize and prioritize the coordination process.  In addition to understanding important areas of coordination between our work and our project delivery partner’s work, we bring experience with facilitating the entire process.  This starts with establishing project BIM plans and standards, organizing and facilitating clash detection work sessions, documenting and resolving problem areas, and communicating at a high level with project delivery partners.  We perform and participate in digital-enabled coordination for all projects, and where we can bring value to the team, we have the expertise to formally lead this process as a third party Design Coordination Facilitator. 

Fire protection line clashing with column in this biotechnology lab.

For this performing arts theater, the curtain wall mullions are clashing with the structural slabs.

Structural framing is clashing with the curtain panels for this collegiate stadium.