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Facilities Information Management

Facilities Information Management

Traditional BIM delivery stops at the end of construction, with little benefit to owners to help them manage their facilities. Throughout a project, building information increases in both quantity and accuracy, ultimately resulting in an “as-built” digital record of the facility and its components. Most owners are not equipped to leverage these as-built BIMs, so the models typically cease to provide value after a facility opens.

Walter P Moore has engineered a solution capable of linking the virtual models created during design and construction with an owner’s management system to manage their facility.  Our system enables owners to customize portals, or “dashboards” for critical areas in their operation combining the visual world of virtual models with the world of “Big Data” held in the owner’s legacy management systems.  Quick location of critical components, visual identification of building systems, and impact assessment of maintenance activities are just a few examples of how our system can improve response and efficiency in an owner’s operations.

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