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Generative Design

Generative Design

The challenges of moving from initial design idea to a buildable solution have increased significantly in the current practice due to the emergence of new architectural forms, along with increased expectations for performance, quality, and value.  We use advanced computational tools to study possible scenarios and to rationalize the abstract.  Traditionally, these tools exist deep within disciplinary silos and are not readily leveraged beyond the expert. Our diverse team of engineers and innovators are able to bridge these silos by developing multi-discipline, digital workflows early on and leveraging data flow between our advanced computational tools, all to support our design partners.  Our goal is to generate valuable feedback loops that help the team arrive at the best overall solution that preserves the original design intent while achieving other conditions of satisfaction like constructability, building performance, environmental stewardship, and life cycle cost.

Aurora Sculpture

Walter P Moore provides design services to all manner of structures, including interactive museum exhibits and artwork. On a recent project, we provided design input for a sculptural installation. The effort evolved into a wonderfully integrated process with the artist to develop the final shape, size, and configuration of the sculpture.

Nested arcs of the sculpture presented a unique structural challenge for wind and seismic design. 

Digital workflows enable rapid analysis of hundreds of various options for the sculpture.

Confidential Aviation Project

Aviation projects provide a great opportunity to leverage digital workflows with their soaring roofs and geometrically complex enclosures. We currently are providing diagnostics and structural and façade engineering services for a new terminal where generative design served as the backbone of our delivery. Our workflow leveraged a common geometry model for all services resulting in a very fluid process where we could rapidly adapt the design to new inputs.

A portion of the curving façade in Revit shows the complexity of the backup structure. 

Creating the model via digital workflows required custom adaptive components.

Rhino and Grasshopper served as the geometric engine for the project.

Custom clusters and definitions allowed the complex geometry to be rationalized.

Leveraging Excel and Dynamo allowed the rapid instantiation of the required elements within Revit.

Confidential Sports Project

Currently providing Façade Engineering services on a professional sports arena, our team worked closely with the architect to transform the original design models into constructible systems by digitally rationalizing the underlying geometry into developable surfaces that could be sub-divided readily into flat panels.  Walter P Moore quickly generated and assessed hundreds of combinations of exterior forms, backup steel configurations, and varying façade modules at both technical and aesthetic levels, ensuring code-compliance and cost and performance that are within project requirements. At the same time, since these assessments are made within our BIMs, quantities such as piece counts, tonnages, and areas are quickly collected and reported visually for our project teammates. Our abilities in generative design enable this rapid “optioneering” and help the entire team ensure that the final selected solution can be constructed on time and within budget.

Most sports projects do not rely on much symmetry, so definitions need to be developed to handle changing geometry around modern-day facilities.

Evaluating options for the exterior enclosure is a key initial step in sports design.

Digital workflows allow tweaks, changes, or major overhauls to geometry enabling the rapid studying of hundreds of options, if necessary.

The geometry moves from large-scale to small-scale in façade engineering as the configuration of backup steel is studied along with the overall forms.

Even cladding modules are evaluated for design, constructability, and cost impacts.