Corporate Campus Flood Warning System


Hewlett-Packard Company


Service: Flood Warning System

Corporate Campus Flood Warning System

Harris County

Located along Cypress Creek in Harris County, the Hewlett-Packard Corporation needed a flood warning system for its main campus. A system was developed to support this corporation in evaluating the significance of various rainfall events and the potential threat of flooding from Cypress Creek in the vicinity of the campus. While a more comprehensive automated system could have been developed, the client was looking for a simple system that could be utilized by operational and facilities personnel on campus to assess the threat level and issue road closures and evacuation on campus, as needed. The system was ultimately developed with a spreadsheet and some simple instructions to retrieve real-time Internet data which would allow the user to assess the risk of flooding on various critical facilities on campus, the timing until flooding was likely to occur, and the duration of inundation on campus. Additionally, inundation maps for whole-foot elevations were provided for visualization of flood prone areas.