Managed IT Services for CFI Companies


CFI Companies

Managed IT Services for CFI Companies


CFI Companies is a small, but growing MEP firm with big dreams. When they hired a new CFO that was familiar with WPM Technology LLC’s work from a previous company, restoring her previous level of service from IT became a high priority. As the incumbent IT provider’s contract was about to expire, we were invited to propose on moving the company over to Skype for Business as their new telephone system and on becoming their new outsourced IT provider. With an internal fan promoting our cause, we soon won both.

CFI is our first Managed Service Provider (MSP) client and their smaller size has allowed us to refine some of our processes and prepare for growth. So far, we have been able to help them implement Skype as a phone system — replacing a system that was a source of continual frustration — helped with rolling out Autodesk’s new subscription-based licensing, and guided them through keeping the network safe while sharing space with a sublease tenant. All of these areas were outside of the knowledge base of their previous IT provider, but are a key part of our value proposition to smaller AEC firms. We know the AEC industry and we know firsthand, at a larger scale, the problems these firms can encounter. Our group of IT professionals (including the pros at Quinn Technologies, our partner in providing MSP services) provide solutions to complex issues that smaller firms may not normally have been able to solve with their limited resources. Quinn Technologies handle first-level and day-to-day issues so that the Walter P Moore IT team can stay focused internally and provide additional expertise when needed.