Rogers Centre Virtual Light Study


Rogers Communications

Rogers Centre Virtual Light Study

Toronto, Ontario
Canada / Orlando, Florida

With renovations for the roofing on Rogers Centre looming, Walter P Moore saw an opportunity to work with ETFE systems, and needed a way to effectively communicate distinct design options to our client. To enhance our proposal, the façade team worked closely with the VR team to develop a series of lighting studies and visualization assets for our virtual immersive environment.

To accomplish this, Walter P Moore added a new “time of day” lighting system to the virtual reality build pipeline. Using the date, time of day, and GPS coordinates, we could create a basic, yet dynamic lighting tool that showed the sun’s position relative to the structure and what shadows would result. This specialized software allowed the client to visualize the effects of additional natural lighting and identify areas where the new EFTE installation risked causing glare. Previous lighting studies using methods such as the DIVA plugin for Rhino had created promising charts regarding the level of light added, but glare analysis showed occasional spikes that initially seemed troubling.

By plugging in DIVA data and foot-candle readings from the existing stadium into our VR environment, the team was able to create a virtual representation of the light’s path. Users could watch the sun move through the sky as they walked through the stadium and understand exactly when and where glare might become an issue. With the ability to stand in the field and see the light play across the field, the team and the clients were able to be much more excited about our validated design decisions.