Sao Paulo Futebol End Zone Moveable Enclosure


São Paulo Futebol Club


Curtain Area: 9,319 square meters

Service: Conceptual Design

Architect: RMLtd, Planning and Design

Sao Paulo Futebol End Zone Moveable Enclosure

Sao Paulo

Home to São Paulo’s Futebol Clube, the Morumbi Stadium has been a national icon of Brazil since its opening in 1960. The stadium, which is located in a residential neighborhood of Sao Paulo, has been privately financed and maintained over the years. The owner desired to increase the number and quality of concerts hosted at the venue while complying with new neighborhood sound ordinances. In response, Walter P Moore, working in concert with architect RM Ltd, conceived and developed a one-of-a-kind moveable concert enclosure. The enclosure will provide an acoustic barrier to encapsulate the sound of a 30,000-seat concert venue within the end of the stadium. Most importantly, the enclosure can be electronically dismantled and stored within a few hours to allow the venue to host football games the day after an evening concert. Walter P Moore’s innovative solution utilizes a variety of kinetic elements and materials that work in combination to make the concert venue totally adaptable.  

To keep the stadium functional throughout the installation of the concert venue, careful attention was paid to construction sequencing, access, and staging to avoid disrupting regular stadium use. Project construction awaits funding.