Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis, Ph.D., P.E. FRSA


Steve serves as a Principal in the Walter P. Moore Los Angeles office. In addition to his educational background which focused largely on the analysis and form-finding of tensile fabric structures, his previous work experience involved firms specializing in innovative structures such as lightweight tensile fabric structures, glass-clad cable net walls, and grid-shells. 

His relevant technical experience includes: geometrically non-linear behavior and analysis of long-span structures; complex three dimensional modeling; computational finding of form for optimum performance solutions; and development of computational tools for interoperable structural analysis. Steve led the development of computational tools and methods for interoperable processes enabling the design and analysis of complex geometrical structural elements on the New Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi.

How does engineering make a difference in the world?
Structural engineering enhances the environment we as a society play in. We make buildings that are not just pretty to look at, but functional spaces that have to perform.
Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
I chose Walter P Moore based on their reputation of being the best.
What other hobbies/activities do you enjoy?
I enjoy running and going to see live music, LA has a great music scene. I’m also trying to pick up surfing but failing miserably.


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