Brent Bolerjack.
“OK” bridge and roadway savior.
Senior Associate, Senior Engineer   /   Oklahoma City Transportation Engineering
In Six: I want to be found faithful.
Roots / Alma Mater: Perryton, Texas / Oklahoma State University
Forte: 14 years in the biz, serving as a manager and designer on civil projects involving bridge and roadway design, mostly for state and local governments. Brent’s experience has also included overseeing the engineering and plan preparation for numerous Safe Routes to School projects scattered throughout Oklahoma. He also serves as a program manager for bridge inspection services throughout the state.
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: “I’d be a math teacher — trigonometry, specifically. I always enjoyed math because I was fortunate enough to have teachers who knew how to apply it.”
Stupid Human Trick: “I can make it look like my hair moves as one big toupee. Kids love it!”
Brent Bolerjack, P.E.   /   405.394.0875  /
Jim Keith.
Water Resources genius and (literal) rock star.
Senior Associate, Water Resources Practice Leader   /   Dallas Water Resources Engineering
In Six: Right-brained engineer, fun-loving nerd. (Yes, he’s a southpaw.)
Roots / Alma Mater: Hico, Texas / Tarleton State University
Forte: Based in our Dallas office, Jim joins us with 16 years of technical and managerial experience in water resources planning and design projects including open channel and storm drain design, dam and levee design, breach analyses, and systems optimization modeling.
Little-known tidbit: “I played in several different rock bands over a period of 7 years, recording some albums and touring regionally. Along the way, I got to meet and share the stage with some really talented people…once I even met Paul Simon.”
Extracurricular Jim: “Primarily spending time with my wife and four children, cooking/grilling/smoking on my Big Green Egg, and writing/recording music.”
Jim Keith, P.E., CFM  /  214.740.6226  /
Caitlin Kevins.
CSI of the building world.
Associate, Senior Forensics Engineer   /   New York City Diagnostics Engineering
In Six: Doesn’t wait for opportunity. Creates it.
Roots / Alma Mater: New York / Columbia University
Forte: A senior forensics engineer in our Diagnostics group, Caitlin focuses on insurance consulting and litigation support services. With extensive experience in forensic structural evaluation, emergency response, litigation support, structural design, risk assessment, and mitigation design, Caitlin manages projects with the drive to deliver excellent work and outstanding client service.
Why engineering? Caitlin’s strength in math and physics led her to engineering, but her love of puzzles and her parents’ influence as attorneys likely steered her towards forensic investigation and litigation support.
Best advice: “Embrace change. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow.”
Caitlin Kevins, P.E.  /  917.460.0856  /
David Manuel.
Travel buff improving traffic and transportation for safer, stress-free travel.
Senior Associate, Senior Transportation Planner   /   Houston Traffic Engineering
In Six: Sharp-eyed, sharp-minded, experienced, efficient.
Roots / Alma Mater: Hammond, Louisiana / Tulane University, University of Texas
Forte: 20 years in the biz, David is dual-degreed in civil engineering and community & regional planning, both with concentrations in transportation. He has led pedestrian/bicyclist studies, transportation master plans and corridor studies, CIP prioritization exercises, and traffic/roadway planning projects for public agencies and private consultants alike.
Hidden Talent: David can easily pick up at least a “tourist-level” mastery of foreign languages when he travels.
2nd career, if not an engineer: “Possibly a tour director...definitely something travel-related.”
David Manuel, AICP, CNU-A  /  713.630.7337  /
Roberto Mascardo.
Fishing for safer, more efficient transportation.
Senior Associate, Senior Engineer   /   Houston Transportation Engineering
In Six: Yard work tonight. Fishing at sunrise.
Roots / Alma Mater: Houston, Texas / University of Houston
Forte: 30 years in transportation (exclusively with TxDOT), Roberto’s experience consists largely of field inspection and PS&E with nearly equal time split between design and construction.
Proudest professional accomplishment: “A collaboration with TxDOT’s landscape architect in which my love for fishing found its way into the plans. We built fishing-friendly staggered concrete blocks for slope protection at the base of the Galveston Causeway.”
Why engineering? “Safe transportation saves lives.”
Extracurricular Roberto: Fishing, biking, and ping pong with his three kids.
Roberto Mascardo, P.E.  /  713.394.5731  /
Matt Nebel.
Secure design aficionado, Rube Goldberg machine designer.
Associate, Senior Engineer   /   Washington, D.C. Structural Engineering
In Six (ish): “What we do in life echoes in eternity.”
Roots / Alma Mater: Mifflinville, Pennsylvania / Pennsylvania State University
Forte: Prior to joining the firm, Matt’s experience was in Federal/Military projects and designing those facilities/structures for extreme loadings like blast, progressive collapse, and ballistics. As part of the Structures group, he looks forward to supplementing Walter P Moore’s secure design portfolio and working on all the interesting projects the firm engineers, such as airports, sports stadiums, and hospitals.
Why Walter P Moore? “Great company, great history, great projects.”
What inspired Matt to become an engineer: “Balsa wood bridge design in middle school, the Science Olympiad designing a Rube Goldberg machine, and Science Crime Busters events.”
Matt Nebel, P.E.  /  202.481.8718  /
Rob Rae.
Native Canadian solving traffic problems since he was a teenager.
Associate, Transportation Planner   /   Dallas Traffic Engineering
In Six: There is a box? What box?
Roots / Alma Mater: Calgary, Canada / Texas A&M University, University of Calgary
Forte: With more than eight years of experience assisting cities and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) with transportation and land use support, Rob focuses his efforts on connecting the transportation and land use dynamic by helping create future build-out scenarios that weigh the cost and benefits of land use policy decisions. In addition to scenario planning, Rob has experience in thoroughfare and mobility planning and in developing initiatives to implement multi-modal and complete streets.
What inspired Rob to become an engineer: “In high school, a 4-way stop by my house was always backed up. I wrote a letter to the city traffic department and recommended they put in a roundabout at that intersection. A year later, a roundabout was installed and traffic began flowing again. I knew at that point that I needed to go into traffic and transportation planning.”
2nd career, if not an engineer: “I would definitely work at Academy Outdoors! Whenever I need a stress reliever, I go to Academy and just walk the aisles.”
Robert D. Rae, AICP  /  214.740.6220  /
Glen Schneider.
Draftsman/craftsman spelunking his way around the world.
Associate, Senior Designer   /   Austin Transportation Engineering
In Six: Guide the future by the past.
Roots / Alma Mater: Alice, Texas / Bee County College
Forte: 32 years in the biz, Glen began his career drafting by hand as a structural draftsman. He is now a Senior Bridge CADD designer/detailer in Walter P Moore’s Austin office.
Extracurricular Glen: Woodworking, spelunking, and motorcycling.
Something most people don’t know about him: “I have explored, mapped, and discovered caves in the USA, Mexico, and New Zealand.”
Why Walter P Moore? “Fantastic co-workers!”
Glen W. Schneider  /  512.330.1274  /
Jeff Thompson.
World-travelled façade genius.
Senior Associate, Senior Engineer   /   New York City Enclosure Engineering
In Six (ish): Piña coladas, getting caught in the rain.
Roots / Alma Mater: Washington University
Forte: Jeff has worked in the field of specialty structural/enclosure engineering for 15 years on projects in North America and worldwide, focusing on design projects involving innovative material use and complex geometry in close coordination with architects and clients.
Why Walter P Moore? “...the great opportunity to help build a flourishing NYC office.”
Extracurricular Jeff: Hanging out with his two least for the first few hours. BK (before kids), he travelled extensively and participated in NYC triathlons and the Florida half Ironman through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Jeffrey Thompson, P.E.  /  917.460.0857  /
Kealy Vaughan.
Alaskan ambidextrian — both right/left and engineering/architecture.
Technical Designer   /   New York City Enclosure Engineering
In Six: Alaskan wildling in the big city.
Roots / Alma Mater: Fairbanks, Alaska / University of Alaska Fairbanks, Pratt Institute
Forte: Born and raised in Alaska, Kealy joins our Enclosure Engineering practice in New York City. Degreed in both civil engineering and architecture, she brings a unique perspective to the firm’s growing façade and enclosure practice. Having grown up working in her family’s various retail, manufacturing, and design-related businesses — she managed their bicycle shop and worked as a professional mechanic from age 18-28 — Kealy naturally developed technical proclivities and her interests in engineering and architecture.
Why Walter P Moore? “I wanted to work for a firm that values both formal and functional design. To me, WPM has a perfect marriage of architecture and engineering.”
Extracurricular Kealy: Kills it on the badminton court!
Kealy Vaughan, EIT  /  917.460.0863  /