Chris Kammerer

Chris Kammerer

Chris Kammerer, P.E.


As a design manager, Chris' focus is on the technical challenges of our structural designs. As Walter P Moore teams work toward executing architects’ intent, his priority is shepherding consistent, technically-sound, efficient designs by establishing design approaches, training younger staff, sharing best practices, and jumping in on the difficult problems.

After spending several years as a client contact and front-line project deliverer, Chris knows the value of developing quick, straightforward solutions while maintaining the technical rigor required of our profession. For him, the most satisfying work is the opportunity to take a unique project challenge, distill it to core principles, and deliver a simple solution with a clever approach.

What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
Winning a national drumline competition in high school. It’s how I spent all of my extracurricular time for 4+ years, and is probably as hard as I’ve worked towards any goal.
Who is your role model?
John Gregg, who retired from the Dallas office several years ago. I admired his process of encountering a challenging problem, staring at it and thinking for a minute or 10, and then conveying the most elegant solution with the sparsest detail.
What is something most people don’t know about you?
Throughout college, I wrote humor articles for a campus satire newspaper. It was kind of like The Onion. (It was exactly like The Onion.)


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