Digital Practice

Custom Development

Custom Development

The demands of our preferred digital workflows frequently exceed the capabilities of today’s commercially available software titles.  To enable the transfer of data between the many software tools and platforms that we and our project partners use, Walter P Moore creates and maintains custom tools that are shared throughout the firm.  Existing tools range from simple routines and add-ins that perform tasks within a program to comprehensive stand-alone programs that facilitate interoperability or advanced analysis.  These tools enable us to be more responsive and flexible, to integrate our design and construction disciplines, to communicate more effectively, and to reinforce our robust QA/QC processes.

Flood Event Modeling

This real time flood mapping program has the capability to monitor flooding by leveraging maps, hydrographs, and stream profiles as the event is occurring in near real time. The system updates every 15 minutes to provide the modeled stream response to ongoing rainfall in comparison to stream gage data, with the ability to predict what will occur in the streams based on the total rainfall to date. The system can be used to monitor predicted flooding and provide advanced responsive analysis.

White Oak Bayou Flood Progression