Advanced Project Delivery Methods


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In today’s competitive construction market, design-build has become a popular delivery method resulting in fast delivery and tighter control of project costs for the benefit of sophisticated owners. By linking design and construction in one team, the owner receives the benefit of creative design tailored to specific construction strategies. 

Why Walter P Moore

Walter P Moore has deep experience on design-build projects in virtually all sectors, including office buildings, sports stadia, convention centers, criminal justice and healthcare facilities, parking garages, toll roads and bridges, including projects for local, state, and federal governments. Our history of successful delivery of complex work in collaboration with top design-builders and subcontractor partners has proven Walter P Moore’s value as a key team member with the skill and savvy to meet aggressive budget and schedule goals. Paramount to our approach is our obligation to speak up, to challenge, to ask questions, and to actively push to make our design-build projects successful. 

Other Design-Build Approaches

Bridging Documents

For owners who want a more prescriptive approach to a design-build competition, bridging documents can be used. Walter P Moore has experience developing bridging documents and specifications. We work to understand an owner’s needs and requirements and then develop the bridging documents to accommodate those desires.


Novation is a process wherein the owner selects a team to design to a certain level and then assigns the design team to a design-build contractor to complete design and construction. Experienced in delivery projects using this approach, Walter P Moore knows the right questions to ask to promote alignment.

Design Assist

We also work with various sub-contractors and vendors to assist with their in-house designs. This can be an effective method to accelerate the design process, create production and cost efficiencies with major building systems, and maximize the advantage of proprietary systems for the benefit of owners.

To learn more about our Design-Build experience, contact Kevin Anderson or Mark Conway.

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