Diego Giraldo

Diego Giraldo

Diego Giraldo, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.


Joining the industry in 2006, Giraldo immediately joined Walter P Moore. He is experienced in the design of steel, concrete, and masonry buildings, specializing in stability and vibration control. His PhD work at Washington University in St. Louis investigated structural vibration, which prepared him well for the design of structures with rhythmic human interaction, such as sports venues and performance arenas.

Before relocating to the Kansas City office, Diego led the efforts in several hospitality, education, and retail projects in the Las Vegas office.

Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
I only wanted one of the top structural engineering firms, no matter where that took me. It took me to Las Vegas.
How does engineering make a difference in the world?
It is because of what we do that people go to a 30th floor and live or work there without even thinking they are 300 feet from the ground. We make that possible.
What’s the best advice you’ve received — so far?
Go to the USA.


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