Gaillard Center

Digital Practice

Our passion for developing innovative solutions to complex problems has driven us to re-envision the project delivery process, taking full advantage of the emerging technological toolkits available to us as designers. To leverage the data that abounds in our projects, we create digital workflows custom to each project so that we can truly embrace the fluidity and feedback loops that are natural to design. As new ideas emerge during design (and even construction), our digital focus allows us to rapidly adapt, test, and integrate these ideas.

At the same time, we create value for our project partners through thinking critically about how best to communicate our design information at every step of the project. We’re challenging established concepts for early deliverables and eschewing traditional drawings for leaner, more focused information that paradoxically grants a clearer understanding of the project. Later in design and in early construction, our data focus yields opportunities for improved visualization, better BIMs, and modeling for downstream collaboration.

All of this allows us to explore more options with increased fidelity and greater control in a leaner process while preserving design intent to deliver a better overall solution and bring more value to our projects. Our Digital Practice is technology supporting the human element of engineering know-how, design partnership, and great ideas.