Drinking Water Supply System Upgrades and Future Demand Assessments

Drinking Water Supply System Upgrades and Future Demand Assessments

May 15, 2018

Because access to clean water is such a vital necessity and there is an ever-growing concern for water scarcity, engineers must work to stay ahead of the urgent needs of water supply systems. Seeking out innovative solutions to improve our water systems and conducting regular assessments of existing and future demands is necessary to provide reliable systems for future generations.

In this MooreWISE brief, Justin Terry discusses why the need for well-designed and planned out supply systems that provide clean drinking water for user consumption is immeasurably critical.

In modern society, access to clean drinking water and the complexity of the systems that make this water available throughout our environment are often taken for granted. The source from which drinking water originates becomes equally as complex and problematic when water rights, a person’s right to utilize a water source (e.g., a river, stream, pond, or source of groundwater), are considered. This issue becomes more overwhelming as the population continues to expand and as water is increasingly viewed as a finite, and in some cases scarcesource.

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