Experts Discuss the Latest in Roofing Developments

Experts Discuss the Latest in Roofing Developments

March 27, 2019

Walter P Moore's Director of Enclosure Engineering and façades expert, Sanjeev Tankha, joins other industry experts to discuss the latest in roofing developments in relation to stadia structures in the latest issue of PanStadia & Arena Management

The environmental performance of the buildings we construct informs the direction of the design and the materials we use in stadium roofs. Fabrics have a long track record in all climates worldwide from extreme hot, arid, and humid to cold temperate climates. They are engineered to last for a long time in any environment. PTFE membrane roofs are now reaching the 50-year milestone with excellent performance. 

The inherent benefits of membranes over traditional cladding materials such as glass and metals is driving designers and engineers to consider membranes as the preferred enclosure material for roofs. Our projects must holistically consider mechanical systems
design, structural systems design, lighting design, and environmental and sustainability goals in order to responsibly incorporate membranes into design. In my view, comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability goals can be enhanced if membrane materials are
utilised in a smart, integrated way in the project."