Begun in 2016 as a fun way to kick off our 85th celebration, #i_am_moore highlights the terrific people who make up Walter P Moore. It’s a way for us to get to know our co-workers better (beyond all the degrees, suffixes, and pedigrees) and for us to share with the world just WHO WE ARE as a firm. While #DrivenbytheChallenge defines who we are collectively, #i_am_moore defines who we are individually.

Mai Le
Mai Le Houston
Darnel Gamboa
Darnel Gamboa Las Vegas
Anna Wesier Woodward
Anna Wesier Woodward San Francisco
Akira Nakano
Akira Nakano Los Angeles
Whitney Lee
Whitney Lee Los Angeles
Lidylia Rocha
Lidylia Rocha Panama City
Brent Bandy
Brent Bandy Atlanta
Dirk Kestner
Dirk Kestner Austin
Jim Folzman
Jim Folzman Houston
Kyle Dunning
Brian Caudle Austin
Rafael Sabelli
Rafael Sabelli San Francisco
Kelsey Fort
Kelsey Fort Dallas
Nicole Hayes
Nicole Hayes Dallas
Zenab Haq
Zenab Haq Houston
Robert Rae
Robert Rae Dallas
Dilip Choudhuri
Dilip Choudhuri Houston
Lee Slade
Lee Slade Houston