Master Drainage Planning for Community Enhancement

Master Drainage Planning for Community Enhancement

October 16, 2018

When planning a new development, it is vital to understand and plan for the flow of water. When creating pavement and street designs, the proper placement of storm drains, sewers, and the lasting impact poor design can have on the community, environment, and economy comes into play. Master drainage plans and detention basins are necessary tools for existing communities to limit the adverse effects of new development and can add benefit and value through increased recreation area and park space.

In this MooreWISE brief, Kevin Vogel explains why proper drainage can prevent serious erosion, flooding, and other property damage.

"Master drainage plans for communities identify potential problems and provide a road map for future drainage-related activities within new or existing developments. Similar to water supply future demands assessments, the drainage planning effort involves identification of future projects to be implemented based upon development phases or current flood-related issues, with the goal being to incorporate this information into development plans to protect the community and its infrastructure. Master drainage plans help eliminate or reduce flood risks for property owners and businesses and maintain safe emergency evacuation routes. In reducing risks for the target community, master drainage planning establishes safe pathways and buffer zones for floodwaters while preventing adverse impacts to downstream or neighboring communities."

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