Maziyar Bolour

Maziyar Bolour, PEng

Building Sciences

Leading our Diagnostics Group in Toronto, Maziyar specializes in structural engineering and building sciences. Having joined the AEC industry in 1997, he is experienced in structural design, evaluation, and rehabilitation of buildings with residential, commercial, and industrial occupancies. He has completed more than 100 detailed condition assessments and technical audits for insurance companies, private property owners, and developers, and routinely performs audit and condition assessments of existing structures, parkades, and window/curtain wall assemblies. Maziyar’s extensive knowledge of Ontario building codes, along with a combination of structural engineering and enclosure consulting expertise, makes him an excellent resource for any complex restoration project.

Maziyar earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Azad University and is a registered professional engineer in Ontario.

What inspired you to become an engineer?
I am the first professional engineer (PE) in my family. I chose engineering because I wanted to design and build safe, durable, and sustainable structures. Being a licensed professional engineer legally allowed me to provide professional engineering services to the public and distinguished my work from other engineers. We all have an obligation to our society to perform our services with an acceptable standard of care while conforming to professional ethics, laws, and code of conduct in engineering.
What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I attended middle school in three different countries (Iran, Nepal, and India).
What’s the best advice you’ve received — so far?
Effective learning comes with a sense of struggle. If something is difficult for us and we are struggling with it, that means our knowledge is increasing and if we are not struggling with it, if it’s easy, it means we are probably not changing how much we know.


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