MoorePEOPLE: New Faces at Walter P Moore

MoorePEOPLE: New Faces at Walter P Moore

October 7, 2021

Walter P Moore welcomes five new faces from four different offices. Find out who might have become a track coach, showcases their karaoke skills, builds computers in their spare time, volunteers during disaster reliefs, is inspired by Roger Federer, and Moore…

Tony Arredondo, PE / Director of Transportation / Infrastructure, Dallas
In Six
: Team building = Form, Storm, Norm, Perform
Roots / Alma Mater: El Paso, TX / University of Texas at El Paso
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: "I might have become a cross country or track coach because I enjoy competing, winning, and working with others."
Best advice: “Do what you enjoy and encourage others to do the same.”
Forte: Moore about Tony…

Miguel Hernández, MI, FIT-IAAI / Manager of Business Development / Diagnostics, Mexico City
In Six: Better engineering can equal better people.
Roots / Alma Mater: Mexico City / Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico 
Why Walter P Moore: “I chose Walter P Moore because of the firm's engineering capabilities and the engineers that make it up. Also, its genuine culture of partnership which I’ve experienced since day one.”
Muse/Inspiration: Roger Federer; he’s an excellent athlete and a good example of sportsmanship.
Forte: Moore about Miguel…

Jamila Johnson, PE, CFM / Managing Director / Water Resources, Houston
In Six(ish): Stepping up alone or bringing you along.
Roots / Alma Mater(s): Detroit, MI / Washington University in St. Louis and University of Houston
Proudest accomplishment to date: Assisting the City of Houston with the recovery from Hurricane Harvey and utilizing expertise to make changes and regulations to protect people and develop future strategies for flood mitigation.
Fun Fact: Jamila is a fan of 90s hip hop and won’t hesitate to show it off during karaoke night.
Forte: Moore about Jamila…

Quoc Le, PE, SE / Senior Project Manager / Diagnostics, Houston
In Six: The best is yet to come.
Roots / Alma Mater: Saigon, Vietnam / University of Minnesota
How engineering makes a difference: Engineers can help humankind save this world and explore others.  
Outside the office: “I enjoy reading and building my own computers.”
Forte: Moore about Quoc…

Tarcisio Noguera, PE, LEED AP / Senior Project Manager / Diagnostics, Orlando
In Six(ish): Do to others what you want to be done to you.
Roots / Alma Mater: Bogota, Colombia / Universidad Javeriana Bogota Colombia
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: A commercial pilot.
Fun Fact: “I like to help the community by volunteering with the local design and construction division of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, as well as disaster relief efforts in south Florida.”
Forte: Moore about Tarcisio…