MoorePEOPLE: New Faces at Walter P Moore

MoorePEOPLE: New Faces at Walter P Moore

December 8, 2022

Walter P Moore welcomes six new faces from five different offices across the firm!

Find out who played the cello, enjoys spending time outdoors, speaks Malay, Chinese, and Mandarin, saved a 120-year-old hospital building with zero seismic retrofit, is searching for the best coffee, wanted to become a national park ranger, and MOORE

Delea Bass, PE / Senior Project Manager / Structures, Austin
Roots / Alma Mater: Stillwater, Oklahoma / Oklahoma State University
Hidden talent: She played the cello.
Best advice: “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”
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Alexis Brackney, SE, AIA / Senior Project Manager / Diagnostics, Chicago
Roots / Alma Mater: Chicago, Illinois / University of Illinois
Proudest accomplishment to-date: Completing her first deposition as an expert witness.
Outside the office: “I enjoy running, hiking, and spending time outdoors.”
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Giap Goh, PE / Senior Project Manager / Structures, Austin
Roots / Alma Mater: Melaka, Malaysia / Oklahoma State University
Work satisfaction: “I enjoy when my clients are satisfied with helping them resolve their issues.”   
Little-known tidbit: He can speak and understand Malay, Chinese, Mandarin, and two other dialects.
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Balram Gupta, PhD, SE / West Coast Healthcare Market Leader / Structures, Los Angeles
Roots / Alma Mater(s): Los Angeles, California / Punjab Engineering College, Indian Institute of Technology, and University of Central Florida
2nd career choice: Aerospace Engineer. 
Greatest accomplishment: Saving a 120-year-old hospital building with zero seismic retrofit.
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Rachel Palisin, PE, LEED AP / Managing Director / Diagnostics, Raleigh
Roots / Alma Mater: Winston-Salem, North Carolina / Washington University in St. Louis
How does engineering make a difference: Engineers are contributing to a more sustainable planet by prolonging the life cycle of existing buildings.  
Hobbies: “I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring new places, cooking, planning home renovations, and searching for the best coffee.”
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Linda Porras-Pirtle, AIA / Senior Project Manager / Diagnostics, Houston
Roots / Alma Mater: Garland, Texas / University of Houston
Why Walter P Moore: “I choose Walter P Moore because of their commitment to resilience and sustainability.”
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: National Park Ranger.
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