MooreTalent: Thomas Duncan, Now Directing Traffic in Houston

MooreTalent: Thomas Duncan, Now Directing Traffic in Houston

May 16, 2017
Thomas Duncan Managing Director of Traffic Houston

Congratulations to Thomas Duncan, P.E., PTOE, recently promoted to Managing Director of Traffic Engineering Services in our Houston office. Having joined Walter P Moore in July 2015, Thomas has been key to our success and growth in the Houston market and is recognized for his
client service and can-do attitude.


In Six: Straight outta Alvin: Traffic’s most wanted.

Alma Mater: Texas A&M University
He’s proud to boost the Traffic Group’s composition to 31% Aggies!

Forte: Traffic Engineer with 15+ years of consulting experience in traffic design, analysis, planning, and operations for various local governments, highway departments, and metropolitan planning organizations. Although he’s a diehard Texan, Thomas is also licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, and (of course) Texas.

Best advice he’s been given: “Follow through on your commitments. My dad never let me quit anything.”

In his next life, he’d like to be a 6’-5” 250-pound linebacker in the NFL.
No wonder he was such a perfect fit for the Houston Super Bowl LI Transportation Committee!