Narendra Gosain

Narendra Gosain

Narendra Gosain, PhD, PE

Senior Consultant

In his 45-year career with Walter P Moore, Dr. Narendra Gosain has been involved with projects that include commercial, industrial, and medical structures. He has directed the structural design of many of the firm’s prominent projects, including the historic and award-winning expansion of The Astrodome. In 1999, Dr. Gosain started a new Diagnostics service line at Walter P Moore that is dedicated to structural restoration, rehabilitation, forensics and litigation support work. He served as the Executive Director of Diagnostics until 2009. Dr. Gosain’s focus is now on serving as a technical consultant for complex structural rehabilitation challenges and forensics related work.


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“Cooling Tower Support Framing Systems: Distress and Repair,” co-authored with Ray Drexler, Proceedings of 2015 Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Design Considerations for Unbonded Concrete Topping Slabs in Plaza Deck Systems Subjected to Vehicular Traffic", co-authored with Enrique Vaca and Gabriel Jimenez, ICRI Concrete Repair Bulletin, January/February 2015