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Project Leadership Framework

Our approach to project delivery focuses effort, creativity, and innovation on producing value for the client and eliminating waste in the process. Walter P Moore team members across the organization took part in an extensive process mapping effort to better understand the sources of waste and identify opportunities for value creation in our work flow using the principles of lean thinking.  We examined the project delivery process from project inception through ribbon cutting to better understand the characteristics common to our most successful projects. The result of this effort is the Walter P Moore Project Leadership Framework.  The Framework provides a common vocabulary and mindset for Walter P Moore project teams guiding our approach to project delivery as a value-driven partner.  Paramount to the success of the Framework is intentional, high-level, and leveraged use of digital practice tools throughout the course of each project.  For our project delivery partners, our clients, our client’s clients, and the end users of our built-work, this design approach supports our role as an aligned, collaborative design partner advocating for project success and “best for the project” solutions.

Walter P Moore BIM Ladder
Walter P Moore Project Leadership Framework