499 W. Sheridan Selective Salvage & Reinstallation



499 W. Sheridan Selective Salvage & Reinstallation

Oklahoma City

The development at 499 West Sheridan Avenue is a high rise building consisting of office space and two parking garages with integrated commercial space. To accommodate the development, several existing buildings were slated for demolition. However, to address concerns about building preservation by interested community members, the Owner retained Walter P Moore to review existing building conditions.

Due to a fast-track project delivery, it was imperative to mobilize quickly to make the assessment. The evaluation determined that the significant buildings of interest to the community were deteriorated to a point that restoration was not a feasible option. However, to further address community concerns, some of the iconic building features would be salvaged. We evaluated these iconic features, determined their condition, and developed a plan for removal, restoration, and re-integration.

Our team reviewed the condition of cast stone parapets and frieze elements, ornate terra cotta features, vitrolite glass panels, and two historic signs. Removal methods for salvage items were developed by conducting selective removal in the field. This enabled us to estimate salvaged item quantities so the design team could utilize a realistic quantity in their design. This was particularly important for the vitrolite and terra cotta pieces which were prone to damage during removal. Finally, we provided drawings and specifications for the bid and construction documents, as well as restoration/repair specifications, and details for the re-installation of salvaged items.

Currently this project is in construction and will be complete in 2017. The salvaged materials have been removed and are in the process of being repaired and installed.