60th & Barton Storm Sewer Improvements


City of Shawnee


Construction Cost:
Phase I  $219,906
Phase II  $125,000

Phase I  2014
Phase II  2016

60th & Barton Storm Sewer Improvements


In keeping with the City of Shawnee’s commitment to continually improve the quality of life in the community by maintaining and upgrading its basic infrastructure, City staff identified areas that have experience poor drainage due to aging and/or undersized storm sewer systems. In 2013, the City of Shawnee received a Community Development Block Grant to help fund storm sewer improvements for a portion of the area, referred to as 60th and Barton.

Walter P Moore was selected to analyze the area and determine the most cost effective solution to improve drainage in the area. Once a solution was determined from calculations and stormwater modeling, Walter P Moore prepared construction documents for this first phase of improvements. The new storm sewer system includes concrete pipe, junction boxes, inlet structures, and engineered swales to convey runoff from the 100-year storm event.

To maximize value for our client, Walter P Moore looked at future improvements to the area to determine possible new street widths. Using this information, the storm sewer system was designed to minimize future conflicts.