Albrook Airport Parking Garage


Republic Parking Systems


7,000 square meters

3 stories / 10 meters tall

194 parking spaces

600 meters of leasable space

Albrook Airport Parking Garage

Panama City

Walter P Moore provided structural engineering and parking consulting services for this one of the few parking garages in Panama with a long-span structural bays. The $3.5 million, three story building contains 194 parking spaces and 600 square meters of leasable space. Long cantilevers over the access drive and 17 meter long spans challenged Walter P. Moore to find alternatives to the traditional 8m x 8m parking garage grid. In a departure from the construction norm in Panama, the building utilizes one-way post tensioned slabs supported on long-span post tensioned concrete beams for all floors. Lateral loads are resisted by efficient concrete shear walls at the building core. Walter P Moore specified the parking access and revenue control system which reduces personnel costs with pay on foot stations for travelers, employee access cards and automated stations at garage exits.