Auburn University Arena


Auburn University


Construction Cost
$66.5 million

Completion Date
July 2010

Project Size
200,000 SF
9,000 seats for basketball

Auburn University Arena


The Auburn University Arena has 9,000 seats for basketball, 17 suites, plus club and box seating, two practice courts, and offices and other support spaces.

The project bid was enough under budget to encourage the owner to build out more of the interior space by adding 7,000 square feet to the Administration Mezzanine Level. This presented a structural challenge due to the fact the owner’s decision came after the concourse above was cast and the roof framing was in place. In addition the owner and construction manager wanted to accomplish this without adding additional columns and foundations.

The existing foundations had sufficient capacity and the columns worked even with the added load, due to the shorter unbraced lengths. Walter P Moore also framed the new floor plate in a manner that minimized the spans thereby allowing for connection to the existing columns with post-installed anchors.