Avenida Escazú Transportation Planning Study


Portafolio Inmobiliario


Completion Date: September 2016

Avenida Escazú Transportation Planning Study

San Jose
Costa Rica

When Phase II planning began for the bustling, high-end Avenida Escazu mixed use development, Walter P Moore was asked to improve site circulation and enhance the pedestrian and visitor experience.

After studying existing site circulation, pedestrian traffic patterns, driveway operations, and internal traffic control, Walter P Moore’s transportation planning and parking consulting team identified eight specific locations for improvement.

To accommodate high pedestrian activity in one of the crucial existing intersections, our team recommended eliminating an existing raised island, adding crosswalks and defined paths, and adding pedestrian signage and pavement markings. It was also recommended that one of the intersection approaches be converted from one-way to two-way to improve pedestrian safety and walkability.

The existing main vehicle traffic path of the mixed-use development crossed directly through a prime pedestrian activity area. Walter P Moore recommended alternate site circulation to remove the cut-through vehicular traffic and create a large pedestrian plaza with a centralized valet station.

Implementation of the transportation recommendations allowed Avenida Escazu to:

  • Decrease vehicle emissions and noise,
  • Increase pedestrian walkability, and
  • Improve pedestrian safety and visitor experience.