Belmont Elementary School


De Soto School District


Services: Site Development / Roadway Design / Utility System Design / Storm Water Services

Construction Cost: $16.9 million

Project Size: 17-acre site; 76,000 SF building

Belmont Elementary School


With its opening in 2010, Belmont Elementary became home to 450 students from early childhood through 5th grade. Development of the 18-acre site was a key factor in the construction of the new school and required extensive coordination with the City of Shawnee and the De Soto School District. In addition to the design of two parking lots, sidewalks, and a playground, Belmont Drive had to be extended 565 feet to gain access to the property. There were existing drainage and flooding problems with the neighboring residential subdivision which were alleviated through the design of an enlarged storm water detention system, additional storm sewer inlets, and improvements to the off-site storm sewer system downstream. Several enhanced storm water management methods were used to capture and treat surface runoff to meet the City’s newly developed storm water quality requirements while maintaining the School Districts’ and Architect’s overall vision for the project.