Boonville Maintenance Campus


City Utilities of Springfield


Services: Site development / Utility system design

Size: 5-acre site, 2 new buildings, renovation of existing building

Construction Cost: $11 million

Boonville Maintenance Campus


In 2009, Walter P Moore completed a feasibility study and developed a concept for upgrading the Boonville Maintenance Campus to a modern purpose-built facility. Two years later, Walter P Moore was again selected to assist City Utilities with bringing this facility to reality.

Walter P Moore provided final design services and construction documents for the project which included a new 27,800-square foot steel framed bus storage building and a new 7,300-square foot load bearing masonry fuel and wash building with steel framed roof. Construction documents prepared by Walter P Moore included: site circulation, site improvements, including paving systems, drainage systems, site grading, and site utility infrastructure, landscaping, structural systems, building and site security systems as well as equipment.

Walter P Moore’s approach to the project utilized an interactive planning and design process. In addition to preparing cost estimates for the facility construction to aid City Utilities with financial planning, Walter P Moore took into consideration constructability and phasing issues commonly associated with construction activity in an operational facility in order to avoid delays and unnecessary expenses.