Capital Market Authority Tower


Capital Market Authority of Saudi Arabia


Project Size

2 million SF

Height: 400 meters (1,260 feet) / 76 stories

Architect: HOK

Capital Market Authority Tower

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The CMA Tower stands tallest among five structures in the King Abdullah Financial District. As the symbol of a new beginning of financial leadership in the city, the tower was designed to be the centerpiece of the new office district.

As structural engineer for the concept phase of the project, Walter P Moore developed over 20 different options for structural systems for the tower. We evaluated each scheme for aggregate carbon footprint, and eventually recommended a blended system with 40% lower carbon emissions than that of an all concretes scheme. The recommended system utilized a composite blend of reinforced concrete and structural steel, thereby reducing overall use of energy-intensive concrete. 

In the recommended structural system, a central Y-shaped concrete core works with a composite perimeter braced frame. No columns are vertical, as they sweep in and out with the faceted curtain wall. To maximize usable floor area and minimize the cost and quantity of structural materials, Walter P Moore fully integrated the sloping braces and columns with the façade systems.