Cedar/Church Parking Garage Restoration


City of Santa Cruz


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Concrete Repairs
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Cedar/Church Parking Garage Restoration

Santa Cruz

The Cedar/Church Parking garage, also known as Lot 3, is a two-level parking structure and more than 40 years old. The construction type is a precast garage with field topped precast hollow-core planks that span between precast beams.

As part of the City’s maintenance program, Walter P Moore developed repair documents to address cracking and spalling in the topping slab, as well as concrete walls and columns repairs. The project scope also included epoxy injection of beam cracks, additional supplementary drains, architectural railing upgrade, and a traffic bearing waterproofing membrane on the upper deck. Since the project was located in a congested downtown shopping area, the project had to be completed under a very tight deadline and was phased to minimize parking disruption.

Walter P Moore prepared the construction documents and provided the construction administration services for the $570,000 restoration program.