City of Houston Scott Street Pre-Engineering Planning Study


City of Houston

City of Houston Scott Street Pre-Engineering Planning Study


The City of Houston identified the need for the reconstruction of Scott Street between Old Spanish Trail and Loop 610, a major thoroughfare segment approximately 1-mile long that provides access to downtown. The reconstruction offered the opportunity to upgrade the storm sewer system under the road to match the needs of a watershed of approximately 800 acres. Walter P Moore developed a master plan for the area in the vicinity of Scott Street to propose long-range improvement alternatives that collectively solve the drainage needs of the area. Instead of continuing with multiple isolated drainage projects, the master plan is being used to develop a comprehensive drainage strategy for the Scott Street drainage watershed and adjacent systems, as well as other public utilities. The improvements to the Scott Street drainage will capture overland flow that currently flows to an adjacent watershed, thus alleviating the deficiency of the adjacent drainage watershed systems. The Scott Street system was also sized to receive future planned improvements in adjacent neighborhoods.

Walter P Moore performed a traffic study for this project that included three major thoroughfares: Scott Street, Cullen Boulevard, and Calhoun Road. Walter P Moore identified intersections that may reach unacceptable levels of service for mobility in the future and determined possible improvement options to mitigate unacceptable operations along the streets corridor.