City of Houston Storm Water Pre-Engineering Services


City of Houston


Service: Storm Water

City of Houston Storm Water Pre-Engineering Services


As part of a three-year contract to provide various planning and pre-engineering studies to the City of Houston, Walter P Moore has completed multiple studies to select candidate projects that will compete for implementation in the City of Houston’s Capital Improvement Program.

Each study has to comply with the city’s comprehensive scoring system. This system is used to facilitate prioritization of all Capital Improvement Projects for coming years.  The scoring is based on a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary set of criteria such as the age, material, location, and complaints for existing storm drainage, and pavement and sanitary sewer systems. Also factoring into the overall score is the capacity of the water systems. Each pre-engineering study has three planning stages that are progressive in the level of investigation and analysis that is performed at each stage. The process requires inter-agency as well as inter-department coordination with outside agencies and internal departments.