City of Raleigh Parking Structures Assessments


Condition Assessment
Priority Repair List
Chloride Ion Content Testing

City of Raleigh Parking Structures Assessments

North Carolina

Walter P Moore conducted a condition assessment for three parking garages owned by the City of Raleigh: Moore Square, Municipal, and Convention Center. Moore Square is a nine level post-tensioned garage built in 1988, and exhibits the most distress, including cracks and spalls in the concrete surface, and failed expansion joints and sealants. A chloride ion content test revealed chloride levels higher than the standard set by American Institute of Concrete standard to induce corrosion at a depth above the depth of the post-tension cables. Municipal is a four level garage built in 1994 made of precast concrete with field poured topping slab. Our observations include distress in the concrete (delaminations, cracks and spalls), failed traffic membrane due to improper application, heavily scaled concrete slab that raises durability concerns, and one significantly corroded steel corbel that is a high priority repair item. Convention Center is the newest garage, built in 2008 and consists of three levels of post-tensioned floor slabs with drop panels. The garage was observed to be in general good condition, with some spalls in the floor slabs that may correlate to post-tensioned anchor locations.

High priority repair items for the three garages include concrete floor slab and overhead repairs to mitigate hazardous conditions. We recommended traffic membrane replacement, expansion joint replacement, and to consider installing waterproofing membrane at high traffic areas to prevent further chloride ion ingression.