ConocoPhillips Campus Master Plan




Services: Master Planning / Site Design

ConocoPhillips Campus Master Plan


When asked to provide civil and traffic engineering for the master plan and improvements of the 80-acre ConocoPhillips campus, we built upon our long history of working with the company and other firms in Houston’s Energy Corridor. We understood that buildings for energy companies are not traditional, as there are more people working flexible hours or spending more time away from a central office.

The project included a new 1,200-car parking garage, a new wellness center, a covered link to the campus core from the garage/wellness center, a new remote parking facility, and upgrades to some of the existing buildings and the campus infrastructure. A new secure entrance for visitors improved security and the visitor experience. A new access drive on Eldridge to the new garage, and intersection improvements simplified ingress and egress for the campus. Access for large delivery trucks used a specific gate design that included an appropriate security screening area.

For future phase development, we built upon our experience working with the local management district to develop a traffic operations model using Vissim to determine intersection levels of service and queues at the access points. Intersection improvements were recommended, such as turn bays and signal timings. We also recommended a connector roadway that would allow employees to reach the campus via a shorter route with less congestion.

Our background with ConocoPhillips on this site, as well as a long-standing relationship with the local management district and other clients in the Houston Energy Corridor, helped the team respond to the unique needs of the company and offer appropriate, cost effective solutions that not only enhanced the campus, but also provided traffic relief in the surrounding community.