Corporate Campus Flood Warning System


Hewlett-Packard Company


Service: Flood Warning System

Corporate Campus Flood Warning System

Harris County

Located along Cypress Creek in Harris County, Hewlett-Packard needed a flood warning system for its main campus. The purpose of the flood warning documentation is to provide step-by-step instructions on the use of FWS 1.3, which will support Hewlett-Packard in evaluating the significance of various rainfall events and the potential threat of flooding from Cypress Creek in the vicinity of the campus. Based on the results of the project, it was determined that a more comprehensive automated system could be developed which would likely provide a better estimate of potential flooding. However, the document provided, along with the accompanying Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (FWS1_3.XLS;Flood Warning System) provides a reasonable estimate of potential flooding situations along Cypress Creek. The Flood Warning documentation and FWS 1.3 are intended to be tools that can be used by the operational and facilities staff during a potential flood emergency.