Costa del Este Business Park Façade Leak Assessment


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Costa del Este Business Park Façade Leak Assessment

Panama City

Costa del Este Business Park consists of five office buildings, including two levels of parking garages, and it is more than 13 years old. The main complex includes four of the five buildings and is connected to Torre V. The four towers in the main complex are four-story steel framed structures and Torre V is a 24-story steel framed tower.
Inversiones Bahia contracted Walter P Moore to perform a comprehensive assessment of the façade and parapet coping on all buildings of Costa del Este Business Park, to identify possible causes of water infiltration. The assessment of the façade would include an investigation of window walls and Aluminum-composite metal panels.

Our team performed a comprehensive investigation that began with a review of the original building drawings. Following the review, we made investigative openings at several parapet locations. Water spray testing was performed along with interior infrared photography on a limited area of the East Tower. The sealants at the metal panels on the façade windows and parapet coping were observed to be deteriorated and in need of replacement. Walter P Moore developed tiered recommendations to address the water leakage issues and is currently working along with the client to develop the construction documents to repair the building façade and parapet coping.