Denton Mobility Plan


City of Denton


Completion: 2020

Denton Mobility Plan


Denton County has seen a 30% increase in population growth since 2010. This increase has had a direct impact on transportation and mobility for the City of Denton. The most important challenges to handle this growth are related in the cost of new infrastructure, the cost of maintaining existing infrastructure, providing important connections, and providing additional mobility options.

Walter P Moore is leading the team updating the Denton Mobility Plan and its respective components: Master Thoroughfare Plan, Bicycle Plan, and Pedestrian Plan. The Mobility Plan prioritizes future mobility improvements and will be used to guide the City of Denton’s short-term (less than 10 years) and long-term (10-30 years) mobility efforts.

The project has four primary objectives: engage the community to understand mobility issues, build upon previous plans, technical analysis, and develop implementation strategies. Walter P Moore is also revising the Roadway Impact Fee Study based on the updated Mobility Plan.

The goals of the Mobility Plan define the mobility priorities for the City of Denton. The goals were developed through the planning process based on discussions with City staff, in-person and virtual public meetings, a public survey, and feedback from City Council. These goals include safety, connectivity, mobility choices, neighborhood coordination, and investment efficiency.

The Mobility Plan is in its final draft stages and should be complete later this year.