Downtown El Paso Signal Re-Timing


City of El Paso


Intersections: 90

Downtown El Paso Signal Re-Timing

El Paso

As part of three consecutive contracts with the City of El Paso, we were engaged in solving downtown El Paso’s traffic problems. It has been over 10 years since the downtown central business district had been re-timed. Due to the opening of the new ballpark, it was vital that the intersections be reset to aid in the flow of traffic before and after events. The City of El Paso understands the importance of re-evaluating the traffic signal timings by balancing the needs of all modes of transportation including pedestrians, vehicles and transit to account for changes in traffic patterns. A total of 90 intersections were re-timed as part of this project. The purpose of the City of El Paso’s Downtown CBD Signal Synchronization Program was to improve traffic flow along downtown’s major priority corridors, increase the efficiency of traffic signal operations by reducing delay to motorists and pedestrians, and help the flow of transit vehicles into and out of downtown. Additionally, the traffic signal timing program aimed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in accordance with the requirements of the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funding for this project.