El Paso Automated Freeway Diversion Routing


Texas Department of Transportation


Miles of Diversion Routes: 65

DMS: 104

CCTVs: 19

Communications System: hybrid wireless and fiber

El Paso Automated Freeway Diversion Routing

El Paso

To assist in redirecting traffic when an incident occurs on a freeway, Walter P Moore developed a complex, engineering-intensive design for the installation and integration of video and 104 dynamic message signs (DMS) via 900 MHz Ethernet radios along 100+ freeway diversion routes. Work included extensive marketplace and technology assessments, wireless analysis and design, DMS prototype design reviews, coordination with DMS fabricators, and development of new “drum-type” automated diversion devices (DMS). All components integrate with the TransVista SONET and T1 fiber backbones and the traffic operations center (TOC). Work included design of 50 point-to-multipoint subsystems and nine wireless CCTV utilizing 5.8 GHz FM analog radios for a last-mile link. Extensive modifications to the existing fiber SONET and T1 networks were required. Work also included construction phase services. This region-wide plan for re-routing traffic when a freeway shuts down has facilitated traffic flow in the greater El Paso area.