Elk Water Recharge Project


Elk Water Supply Corporation


Service: Water Supply

Features: aquifer recharge / water rights

Elk Water Recharge Project

San Antonio

The Edwards Aquifer is the primary source of water for San Antonio, the 10th largest U.S. city, and water sources to recharge the aquifer are becoming more difficult to develop. We are working with Elk Water Supply Corporation on the permitting and planning of an innovative project to capture floodwaters from Leon Creek and recharge the aquifer. Two basins (one in each side of the creek) will capture the water and reach a geological formation hydraulically connected to the aquifer. We are assisting with the hydrologic assessment of water available and support the water rights application which relies on complex assessment of the impact of this project to other uses and to the environment. We are providing statistical analysis of USGS gages, rainfall/runoff modeling, and analysis with the state of Texas’ approved Water Availability Model. Our team is also assisting with the design of the diversion structure with mechanical panels to control the timing and the amount of water diverted. This innovative approach to recharging the Edwards aquifer will prove valuable in meeting San Antonio’s future needs.