Ellington Field Armed Forces Reserve Center Phase II


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Louisville District


Completion Date

Construction Cost
$47.6 million

Project Size
263,000 SF

Ellington Field Armed Forces Reserve Center Phase II


The Ellington Field Armed Forces Reserve Training Center was a two-phase, design-build project constructed at Ellington Field.  Walter P Moore provided structural and civil engineering as well as secure design services for both projects. 

Phase Two of the RTC utilized a fast-track schedule and consisted of nine buildings constructed across the 42-acre site. 

»   Building A - Training Center - 98,200 SF 

»   Building B - Heated Storage - 42,550 SF Metal Building 

»   Building C - Vehicle Maintenance Shop - 25,400 SF Metal Building 

»   Building D - Unheated Storage - 6,500 SF Metal Building 

»   Building E - Entry Control - 38,500 SF 

»   Building F - Welcome Center - 3,300 SF 

»   Building G - Battle Projection Center - 39,800 SF 

»   Building H - Vehicle Maintenance Facility - 5,116 SF Metal Building 

»   Building J - Unheated Storage - 3,480 SF Metal Building

Each building was designed to meet Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) anti-terrorism requirements. The Entry Control Building also meets ballistic and vehicular barrier secure design requirements.