Envision Oak Point


City of Plano


Services: Transportation Planning

Completion Date: 2017

Envision Oak Point


Envision Oak Point is a planning study that was conducted to help the community develop a vision for the Oak Point area on the City’s east side. Through a comprehensive community engagement process, the project team developed policies, strategies, and growth concepts to balance the needs of the community and the desires of property owners and developers. This vision addressed both the immediate and long-term future of Oak Point, guiding the evolution of this area to a distinct, connected neighborhood that conveys a true sense of place.

As part of the planning team, Walter P Moore led the efforts in evaluating the current mobility conditions, understanding the transportation challenges, and developing realistic solutions to address these challenges. Through this process we were able to achieve consensus on the improvements that would need to be developed based on sound technical analysis and community desires.

The mobility goals developed through the planning process were used to recommend a transportation network that includes multiple ways to move through and around the area (driving, biking, walking and transit), support the development of walkable places, and reduces congestion on Plano’s thoroughfare network.