First National Center Redevelopment


Cornerstone Development


Construction Cost
$1.3 million

Completion Date

Project Size
370,000 SF
600 spaces

First National Center Redevelopment

Oklahoma City

The 1932 First National Center and adjacent 1957 and 1972 buildings in Oklahoma City will be converted into a multi-use development including a hotel, apartments, retail space, and a parking garage.

Given the historic nature of the project, the National Park Service is overseeing the team's preservation of portions of the existing buildings. Levels 3 through 14 of the existing 1957 building and the western portion of the 1972 building will be re-purposed into a 600 car parking garage. A new, cast-in-place concrete scissor ramp structure will serve as elevated parking levels, as well as valet basement parking.

As these buildings were originally office buildings, Walter P Moore and team had some very significant design challenges. Primarily, the existing column layouts created challenges for vehicle circulation, particularly at the new scissor ramp structure. In addition, entry and exit ramps are narrow as they need to maintain the historic pedestrian “concourse”. Finally, the variations in existing floor-to-floor heights presented challenges in developing ramp slopes and coordinating crossovers needed at ramp mid-points to allow vehicles to switch from upward to downward. Through numerous design iterations, the team developed a plan to meet all functional needs while maintaining the historical integrity of the building.

The remainder of the 1957 and 1972 buildings will be utilized for retail and will tie the complex into the tunnel system which connects adjacent downtown buildings.