FLV Kansas & 7th Cavalry Road


Project Size
3,780 LF
(2,320 LF - Kansas Avenue)
(1,460 LF - 7th Cavalry Road)

FLV Kansas & 7th Cavalry Road


Walter P Moore provided civil engineering for the design-build project that included 3,780 LF of roadway improvements within a residential neighborhood on the Fort Leavenworth military base. The project was phased to accommodate the residents and the local elementary school.

The project included Kansas Avenue (2,320 LF) and 7th Cavalry Road (1,460 LF). The Kansas Avenue improvements included total reconstruction of the roadway, driveway approaches, and sidewalk. The horizontal alignment of the new roadway closely matches the existing alignment and width of 27-feet. The pavement section includes 6-inches of new asphalt pavement on 9-inches of crushed aggregate sub-base. The 7th Cavalry Road improvements included 8-inches of concrete pavement on moisture conditioned and compacted subgrade, new concrete curb, a new sidewalk on each side of the road, and new concrete driveway approaches.

Most of the existing sidewalk ramps along Kansas Avenue and 7th Cavalry Road did not meet current requirements of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). Each ramp along both roadways was detailed to ensure the new ramps met ADA requirements.

Improvements to the existing storm sewer system included replacement of the cross-road pipes and storm structures. As an added benefit, Walter P Moore provided hydrologic and hydraulic calculations to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to identify pipe capacities and areas where the gutter-spread exceeded the maximum allowed per American Public Works Association requirements.