Fontainebleau Miami Beach Renovation and Expansion


Fontainebleau Resorts


Construction Cost
$400 million

Completion Date

Project Size
882 hotel rooms
68,000 SF - meeting rooms
102,000 SF - ballrooms

Fontainebleau Miami Beach Renovation and Expansion

Miami Beach

The historic renovation included modifications to the existing structure to accommodate a new program and space allocations as well as providing support and openings for new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The existing podium received an updated ballroom, lobby and new signature restaurant as well as parking and back of house services. Modifications to the existing space were carefully coordinated and analyzed, to minimize impact to the structure and to provide economical solutions where the structure needed to be modified. The existing flat plate floors at the garage and ballrooms were analyzed to accommodate higher loads due to mechanical equipment and modified loading patterns. Similarly, the existing catwalk framing and long span trusses over the ballrooms were analyzed for additional mechanical loads. Through a collaborative effort with the design team, we were able to locate equipment in these areas to minimize the impact to the structure and maximize the functional design.

The expansion provided additional meeting rooms and convention center space as well as a 40,000 square foot spa and a spa restaurant. Post-tensioned concrete framing was used to provide column free meeting rooms and usable space over a truck dock with a tight alley entrance. We utilized steel trusses to obtain a column free ballroom level. The spa has a unique design with channels of water flowing along the floors and water cascading down the exterior sloped wall. The structure for the spa was designed to provide a shell that we later transformed to realize the design architect’s vision.