Fort Hays State University Hammond Hall


Fort Hays State University


Construction Cost
$10 million

Completion Date

Project Size
36,000 SF

Fort Hays State University Hammond Hall

Fort Hays

In today’s culture, there is an increasing need to develop academic space by utilizing the potential of virtual learning environments; experience-based education; cultural enrichment; and new approaches to discovery, research and creativity. The inclusion of physical and virtual learning is best captured in the term “networked learning.”

Formerly known as the Center for Networked Learning, Hammond Hall was designed to house the Department of Informatics, the Virtual College and the center for Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies (TILT). The facility uses the communications infrastructure of the 21st century to link these three critical offices with offices throughout Fort Hays State University.

The Department of Informatics occupies the first floor which was designed around three primary digital learning areas: computer labs, a telecommunication lab, and video/audio labs. The second floor was designed to house the Virtual College and TILT offices as well as housing the production and technological-delivery of faculty’s course content. In addition, the second floor functions as a demonstration center for new and advanced technologies, and serves as a test-site for instruction applications of these technologies. TILT has since moved to Tomanhek Hall making way for the Office of University Relations and Marketing.

The building was designed to span over an existing wetlands to preserve the natural environment while effectively utilizing the available space in the heart of campus. It is nestled on the banks of Big Creek between Tomanek Hall and Gross/Cunningham Hall.